NEW DELHI: International car-for-hire company Uber, that is still reeling from criticism over its failure to follow security checks in contracting drivers after a woman was sexually assaulted in New Delhi a few weeks ago, is in the news again. This time, the company provoked outrage after it raised fares within Sydney during an armed hostage crisis.

Uber’s fares rapidly rose -- to a minimum $100 -- after news broke that an armed man had laid siege to a cafe in the city’s central business district, where up to 20 hostages are still being held.

The company did a quick u-turn; claiming that its rise in fares was determined back an algorithm that occurs whenever demand rapidly increases within a particular area has since announced free rides free fares for commuters within Sydney.

A case of too little too late, perhaps, as users continue to take to social media to criticise the company’s move.