NEW DELHI: Meet Sally Jones. She’s a 45 year old a mother of two from Chatham, Kent, and was once an aspiring rock musician. Now meet Sakinah Hussain, who lives in Raqqa, Syria and is a very vocal supporter of the Islamic State.

Sally Jones is Sakinah Hussain. She converted to Islam after meeting Junaid Hussain online. Recently, a British newspaper, revealed that Jones was actively recruiting young women to join the militant group.

As part of the paper’s investigation into the Islamic State, Aisha, 17 -- a fictional character -- contacted Sakinah, who told her that her “sins will be forgotten” if she were to join the militant group. “At the end of the day if you’re Muslim you gave to get out of ul kufr [the land of the disbelievers] to please Allah if you can [sic],” Sakinah said.

Aisha and Sakinah first made contact on Twitter, after which they moved the conversation to messaging app Kik.

According to the report, Aisha expressed concerns over a certain Abu Abbas al-Lubana -- a name provided to her by Sakinah, who said that Jones would set up a meeting where Aisha would receive money needed to travel to Turkey.

“U have [to] give the bros name to Western Union as the collector. Listen if he’s giving u money to help u make hijrah [holy migration] dw [don’t worry] sis. He needs ur passport pics to check u aint spys or police cos hed get in big trouble if u was so dw ok just meet his brother and get the money,” Sakinah said.

Sakinah spoke to Aisha about the reality of living in the self-declared Caliphate. “Women dont have careers sis under sharia law . . . We are wives we are expected to look after our men,” Sakinah said, although adding that life there was “awesome.” "They look after u. U will never want for money again u live a good life here. U need to get married to get a house im just being honest with u but there are loads of men.”

(Sally Jones spent a lifetime on state benefits before she left to join the Islamic State).

(A video posted on YouTube, and then deleted, is believed to show Sally Jones playing in a rock band in the early 1990s).

(A video posted on YouTube, and then deleted, is believed to show Sally Jones playing in a rock band in the early 1990s).

(A picture of a female fighter, believed to be Jones, posted on an account attributed to Umm Hussain al-Britani -- which may belong to Jones).

On what is believed to be her Twitter page @ummhussain101, Sakinah actively posted quotes proclaiming that the only religion is Islam.

"You Christians all need beheading with a nice blunt knife and stuck on the railings at raqqa..... Come here and I will do it for you” she posted.

"My husband is away at training camp at the moment refreshing his 'kaafir killing skills'... Don't cry though he'll be back soon :)" was another Tweet.

Jones/Sakinah is not the only western woman to give up her life and travel to Syria to joining the Islamic State.

The Citizen ran a story on the diaries of several other such women, which can be found here.