The US versus China verbal war on the origin of the coronavirus is hotting up with Beijing now upping the ante with direct pointers at the American bio lab at Fort Detrick detailing ‘experiments’ being carried on there with the questions “how can the US ensure it is being transparent? Why not grant necessary access to international experts to learn relevant information?”

The US allegations tracing the origin of the coronavirus to the Wuhan laboratory in China, with demands for an international investigation has promoted a strong counter from Beijing that is being repeated over the past days through is Foreign Office briefings, and interviews given to the state media by its diplomats posted in France to start with. Even as China “rejects the remarks by the US side which is sheer blackmail and threat.” And regrets the wanton politicisation of the pandemic and the charge that China is facing isolation in the international community.

In its counter attack China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zhao Lijian three questions for Washington to answer “with no delay”, The first was on who should be held accountable for the US failure to fight the epidemic; the second whether the local transmission of the novel coronavirus was indeed present in the US as far back as December 2019, weeks before the first officially reported questions.

And the third question: “what is really going on inside the bio-lab at Fort Detrick? The military base has inherited the devilish legacy of Unit 731 of the Imperial Japanese Army that waged the aggression war against China. The lab's scope of research includes bacteria that have been known to pose serious threats to public, fauna and flora health.

In June 2019, research work at Fort Detrick was suspended after an inspection found failure to follow procedures and mechanical glitches and leaks. Around the same time, unexplained respiratory disease emerged in northern Virginia and EVALI broke out on a large scale in Wisconsin.

The US government has given next to nothing on these issues and still remains reticent today. Given that the US government habitually practices the "gatekeeping theory", destroyed critical evidence in the Tulsa race massacre, controls and manipulates communication, and that the US intelligence is in the line of lying, cheating and stealing, how can others trust the US?

How can the US ensure it is being transparent? Why not grant necessary access to international experts to learn relevant information?”

Shortly after, Zhao repeated the allegations at another press conference, in response to a question where he said, “Fort Detrick is infamous for its security risks and leak incidents. Its so-called research respecting no moral bottom line and "release of viruses" are just shocking.

After WWII, it sheltered and recruited some notorious Nazi war criminals and took over their research in biological warfare. Among them are Erich Traub, head of Nazi Germany's biological warfare lab, and Shiro Ishii, who was in charge of Unit 731 of the Imperial Japanese Army that waged the war of aggression against China.

At Fort Detrick, the objects of experiments include plants, animals and human beings. According to reports, Sidney Gottlieb, who was in charge of human experiments, once gave seven black prisoners excessive doses of LSD for 77 days straight to test how drugs work on forcing confessions.”

He went on to ask why the US “remains reticent and evasive” on this. And added , “we urge the US to open up Fort Detrick as soon as possible, grant necessary access to international experts to learn relevant information, and publish research conducted in its over 200 biological labs all over the world.”

China’s ambassador to France Lu Shaye, in an interview to French newspaper L'Opinion has said that the US virus lab theory is similar to the “washing powder” lie that helped start the Iraq war. And urged the World Health Organisation to prioritize the US Fort Detrick laboratory in its investigations on the origin of the virus.

“The same process is being repeated ... of imposing an accusation based on the presumption of guilt, then applying pressure by instrumentalizing and misleading public opinion,” he said. The western media had never reported on the US lab, he pointed out stating that the virology labs in the US should all be placed under international scrutiny.

US owes the world an explanation on Fort Detrick lab secrets: Chinese FM -  Global Times