NEW DELHI: CNN reported on three year old Aylan’s death with the headline “Toddlers Family Was Fleeing Syrian Civil War” with not a word about how the war started, who started it, who funded the rebels, the criminals, the Salafists and turned till then peaceful Syria into a hell hole from which even escape has become impossible.

Syrian Ambassador to India Riad Kamel Abbas, in an interview to The Citizen, said that except for a few cities like capital Damascus, Latakia where relative calm prevails because these are still under the governments control, most of Syria is in conflict. He said that families like Aylan’s without money were leaving the country for “anywhere, no destination, just to go somewhere where they could live” while those with some funds still available were moving to Damascus and other relatives safer cities in Syria.

Ambassador Abbas said that at least four million Syrians have been displaced in the country, and two million have fled abroad. He was highly critical of the neighbouring states, particularly Turkey that has not opened the border for the Syrians fleeing war and violence. “Turkey only opened its doors to allow the foreign mercenaries to come in to wage war, now it has shut it all to prevent our people from going to safer areas, and to prevent the foreign mercenaries from leaving,” he said. He said that representatives of several western countries had approached his government in Syria to urge them not to allow these foreign mercenaries to return to their countries of origin, but to “kill them.”

“They have come from 83 countries. And they should return to the governments that sent them, why are they being made our problem,” the envoy said. Ambassador Abbas said that at least 100,000 foreign mercenaries had been sent through Turkey to fight the Syrian regime. He said that they were supported in the region by Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, “and now all these governments that claimed to be doing all this for the Syrian people have closed their doors to the Syrian refugees made desperate by the continuing war.”

The Ambassador said that his government was aware of the machinations and conspiracy of the US, western and West Asian allies all along. “The world called it Arab spring, we always knew and always said it was Black Winter,” he said.

Referring to little Aylan, Ambassador Abbas said that “under the feet of this little child it is clear that all the humanitarian principles have failed.” And narrated how Aylans family had struggled to get out through the sea route. “They just needed to be safe” he said adding that they had to use the sea route as all legitimate routes had been closed to them and other Syrian refugee families.

“This is the democracy they provide for us,” he said.

This writer was a close witness to the shift of peaceful Syria to a war zone that has consumed most parts of that country with its amazingly sophisticated people. Educated and proud, they have been reduced by the war funded and weaponised by the US with its allies to a shattered nation, with six million plus refugees, and with no end in sight.