NEW DELHI: With the Scottish Independence Referendum just a day away, both sides -- pro and anti-independence -- have stepped up their campaigns. While the polls show the “Yes Scotland” campaign that is calling for Scotland’s independence a few points behind the “Better Together” campaign that is advocating a “No” vote, the difference is so marginal that the results really could swing either way.

Here is a look at both sides:

The “Yes” Vote:

The “Yes” vote is led by the “Yes Scotland” campaign, which is supported by the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP).

Here are a few highlights from the “Yes Scotland” campaign:

Well, it’s optimistic:

It promises a better future:

It knows you can only say “Yes” to pandas:

It knows how much of a d****e David Cameron is:

It has history on its side:

It knows what’s really important:

It has got support:

It also already has a leader:

The “No” Vote

The “No” vote is led by the “Better Together” campaign, which is supported by the three main pro-union parties in Scotland: Scottish Labour, the Scottish Conservative Party, and the Scottish Liberal Democrats.

British Prime Minister David Cameron gave the go-ahead to the referendum based on confidence that the “No” vote would triumph, but things are not looking as comfortable for the “No” campaign. Nevertheless, here are some highlights:

It knows everyone in the UK has spent tons of money on Union Jack paraphernalia:

It makes a somewhat convincing appeal regarding the benefits of a United Kingdom:

Dr. Evil said it:

Truthfully, sans pandas the “No” campaign seems to have lost the edge to the “Yes” campaign, but it does make a fair few points on questions regarding the viability of an independent Scottish economy. Will oil reserves last and for how long? What about currency -- will Scotland attempt to join the Euro, try to keep the Pound Sterling, or adopt a new currency? What about banking?

Whilst the “Yes Scotland” campaign has managed to make an emotional appeal based on culture, nationality and change, the “Better Together” campaign has stuck largely to its version of the facts.

Thankfully, they have John Oliver on their side to help make amends: