NEW DELHI: The International Rescue Committee's Vision not Victim programme turns its attention to the lives of Syrian refugee girls, who are part of the 4 million or so people displaced by the conflict in Syria. As part of the project, the IRC teaches girls around the world skills and gives support to allow them to "build better futures for themselves".

As part of this initiative, the charity sent photographer Meredith Hutchison to find out what Syrian girls in Zaatari and Mafraq in northern Jordan want from their futures.

The result:

“I saw a police officer for the first time when I was 11 — before that I hadn’t considered it as a career. At that moment of my life I wasn’t even going to school — I just had no interest. But once I decided this was my dream, I studied hard and pursued it.

Now that I am a police officer, I help many people who are in danger or trouble, and I encourage young girls to get their education so that they can reach their goals.”

-- Nesrine, future police officer, 11

“I want violence against women to end. I want women to be able to make decisions for the community, and say their opinion without fear. I want our society to open up and give space for women to be whoever they want to be. This is why I decided to become a lawyer.

When I was younger, my mother told me I was courageous and truthful, and that I could be a great lawyer who fought injustice. I took her advice, and now am a respected lawyer working on women’s rights and defending women who are victims of domestic violence.”

-- Nour, future lawyer, 16

“In this image, I am a popular painter, working on a landscape in oils. When I was younger, painting was a hobby — but as I grew older I saw I had a great talent and went to art school. Now I have my own gallery where I sell my paintings and sculptures. My hope is that my artwork inspires peace in the world and encourages people to be kind to one another.”

-- Merwa, future painter, 13

-- Rama, future doctor, 13

-- Fatima, future architect, 16

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