NEW DELHI: “We today stand with solidarity with Islamic community in this country and all over the world. We don’t tolerate politicians putting down Muslims,” said Rabbi Michael Lerner, in his speech, addressing thousands who had gathered at legendary boxer Muhammad Ali’s funeral in Kentucky.

The social media burst into frenetic response as reactions to the speech poured in from all quarters.

Rabbi Michael Lerner, a Jew, said: “We as Jews, understand that it is our commitment to recognize that God has created everyone in God’s image. Everyone is precious, and so are Palestinians.”

He added , “We will not tolerate politicians, or anyone else, putting down Muslims and blaming Muslims for a few people.”

“We know what it’s like to be demeaned.”

“We know what it’s like to have a few people who act against the highest visions of our traditions to then be identified as the value of the entire tradition.”

His speech was met with global applause---with some criticism from the hard right sections---and demonstrated the unity that Ali had so carefully woven into his planned funeral ceremony.

The speech for unity was trending on Twitter in no time.

Samira Sawlani tweeted :

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Another follower, TYSON praised it tweeting :

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The Rabbi brought the crowd to its feet four times with his passionate speech and received a standing ovation, with loud cheers from those in attendance.