WEST KURDISTAN: The YPG (People’s Defence Units) Press Centre has announced that 89 gang members have been killed in clashes in the last 24 hours in Kobanê, as attempts by ISIS gangs to take the town continue into the 23rd day.

The YPG Press Centre issued a statement, saying: “DAISH (ISIS) gang attacks aiming to occupy Kobanê are continuing for a 23rd day. Our forces are mounting a historic resistance with great spirit against the gangs that are maintaining their attacks with reinforcements and weaponry brought in from Syria and Iraq.”

The statement emphasised that there had been fierce hand-to-hand fighting on the southern and eastern fronts from Tuesday night until this morning. “House-to-house fighting at close quarters with hand grenades took place as the gangs attacking with all their might were not permitted to advance. The gangs also continued to shell civilian areas of the town with tanks and artillery they have deployed around the town,” the statement continued.

89 gang members killed in the last 24 hours

The YPG Press Centre provided details regarding clashes and actions carried out by YPG forces in the Botan, Megtel and Kaniya Kurda neighbourhoods and in the Mi?tenur area.

YPG said 19 gang members were killed in clashes at 3 points on the eastern front, and 2 were killed in an action. YPG forces -the statement added- also destroyed a military vehicle belonging to the gangs on this front.

“There were clashes on the south eastern front at 2 points in Mi?tenur in the evening. 8 gang members were killed in one of these clashes, and 5 in the other. Two separate gang attacks were also repulsed on this front during the night, but casualties could not be ascertained. Our forces also destroyed a vehicle bringing ammunition to the gangs, killing 2 gang members in the vehicle.”

The statement continued, saying that on the southern front clashes had intensified and were continuing, and that serious blows had been dealt to the gangs in houses in the vicinity of the hospital. 29 gang members were reported killed on this front.

The YPG said that on the Western front its forces had surrounded a group of gang members on a farm preparing an attack, killing 24 gang members. Actions were also carried out against gang emplacements on this front, with 2 B7 rocket launchers and a large number of rockets being left behind by the fleeing gang operatives. A 23 calibre anti-aircraft gun was also destroyed on this front.

The statement concluded by saying: “in last night’s clashes 4 of our comrades who were in the vanguard of the determined resistance lost their lives.”

Source: Firat News Agency