A small village in Haryana has added a new dimension to the festival of Raksha Bandhan. The festival is meant to mark love and bonding, making relationships stronger. This bond was extended to United States President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as girls in the Marora village in Haryana sent threads to the two world leaders.

Raksha Bandhan -- as most of us are aware -- involves tying a thread (rakhi) around a brother’s wrists. The rakhi is meant to act as a symbol of a unifying bond, as in return for her love and loyalty, the sister wins her brother’s lifelong protection. The rakhi is meant to offer a prayer for the brother’s prosperity and happiness.

On Monday, girls from the village of Marora extended this prayer to two world leaders -- President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “We have made these rakhis for the American President Donald Trump on this festival so that bond between two countries strengthens” says Tasleema.

“I have dropped my education after eighth, as our parents did not allow us to go outside our village for higher education. We have a school in our village which is only up to fifth standard,” Neha stated. She is one of the girls who had made rakhis.

These girls face the utmost social barriers, as most of them are not allowed to get education after they complete their primary level schooling from the only school in the village. The girls wanted the Indian prime Minister to provide the village with facilities like higher secondary so that they can continue their education.

Will the rakhis meet their demand?

It is worth noting that the village came to the limelight after an NGO, Sulabh International Social Service Organization (SISSO) chief Bindeshwar Pathak had announced that it will be named as “Trump’s village.”

However, the district administration has called the renaming of the village as illegal and asked the organization to remove bill boards mentioning the new name.

(Raksha Bandan is a festival of sacred sister brother relations)

(A special Rakhi with the photo of US president Donald Trump. Mr. Pathak, founder Sulabh international with the girls of the village. The NGO had symbolically named the village after US President Donald Trumph)

(Elderly people of the village witnessing the celebrations of Raksha Bandhan)

(Through the bond of Rakhi, the brothers are obliged to protect their sisters)

(The festival is very popular in the Indian subcontinent)

(Special Rakhis were made for US president Donald trumph and India Prime Minister Narindera Modi)

(With the symbolic rakhis, the girls of the village have sent the message that PM Modi and President Trump are akin to their elder brothers, and are bound by the duty to protect them)