NEW DELHI: December 17, 2017 the All India Transgender and Intersex Community organised a protest meet in Parliament Street, New Delhi to register their protest against the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill 2016 that violates their rights as transgender persons.

The Transgender Person Bill, 2016 that is to be tabled in the winter session of the Parliament was modified by the Ministry of Social Justice in 2016, whereby a number of violative and regressive provisions were included, which met with widespread resistance. The most problematic issue about the Bill states that the standing committee that is formed by the Central Government would identify and certify transgenders through physical examination. Additionally, the protesters demanded the removal of the word ‘rescue’ and ‘rehabilitation’ of transpersons from the Bill, asking the government to either follow the Nalsa verdict or bring about a bill in consultation with the community.

Some of the demands made by the community, against the TransBill 2016 are enlisted below:

. The definition of transgender persons is problematic and disrespectful to the community.

. Rejection of the new identification process under the standing committee.

. Recommendation for gender based internal reservation for trans persons and a strong anti-discrimination . provision with penalties, for educational and employment access.

. Strict punishment for acts under existing law, against specific atrocities that transgender and intersex persons face.

. Involvement of National and State Trans Rights Commissions for drafting of laws and bills that concern the community.

The Transgender community through the protest registered their dissent and shared their opinion amongst hundreds of protesters gathered in solidarity. We leave you with photos from the protest held in New Delhi: