NEW DELHI: The anti-love Jihad-ists and the legitimisation of moral policing by the ruling party and its front organisations at the centre led the brutal murder of a young girl by her own parents for simply marrying a man of her choice, and outside the caste.

Bhawna’s parents have finally admitted that they killed the young girl after promising her of honouring the wedding to Abhikshek Seth that had just taken place a few days before, provided she returned with them for a family reconciliation.

Bhawna after reaching her parents--Jagmohan and Savitri Yadav-- house realised she had been tricked, and that a marriage had been fixed with someone from the same caste in Alwar and was to be solemnised on November 22. She had an argument with them, pointing out that she was legally married and could not be married again.

The parents beat her up. And then her father, according to the police, held her by the feet while her mother strangled her.

The parents then called their relatives and, according to the police, told them a snake had bitten Bhawna and they were bringing her to the village for treatment. She was then declared dead and cremated.

Meanwhile, media reports suggest that Abhishek is getting threat calls telling him to withdraw the case. Bharati Seth, Abhishek’s mother, said, “We have been getting calls from Gurgaon and Alwar. The callers threatened me to withdraw the case or face the consequences. I am fighting for my daughter-in-law. My son will not withdraw the case.”

The police claim that they are looking for Bhawna’s uncle who is reported to have called Abhishek when Bhawna returned to her house and threatened to shoot him. “More arrests are likely in the case,” said Tajender Luthra, joint commissioner for Southwestern range.