NEW DELHI: In a fresh instance of police apathy , a girl has alleged being thrown off the roof of a Police station in Uttar Pradesh, injuring her gravely.

The Constable Gaurav Tytler who's said to be behind the gross attack has been arrested after an FIR was filed at the behest of the injured girl , who regained her consciousness on Friday.

The incident happened on January 15 , the girl, a student of Class 12, told the media. She is seriously injured.

It is alleged by her that the constable Gaurav threw her off the roof of Ujhani Police station.

“He threw her off the roof. My daughter is fighting for her life in the hospital. Many of her bones have been fractured, I want justice," a television channel quoted the girl’s mother as saying.

Further investigation is going on, police told the media , and the mystery , how the girl reached the roof of the station , is yet to be solved. Initial reports suggest that she was raped by the policeman and when she tried to raise an alarm he threw her down.

Ujhani is an industrial city in Badaun District of Western UP, the same district where the double -suicide of sisters had caused quite a storm last year. That case is also under investigation with conflicting reports coming out.