NEW DELHI: China is facing a wide gap in its population in regards to the number of girls to number of boys. The gender imbalance among newborns is “the most serious and prolonged” , the health authority said in an interview given to Reuters on Tuesday.

China's one child policy has led to a severe decline in the number of women throughout the nation . The official attributed the imbalance to the same policy which has contributed majorly to the shrink in labour pool and overall working population.

Like most countries in Asia , China also carries a patriarchal mindset . Most couples for the lack of choice go for a son , tilting the balance heavily to one side .

China has 118 boys per hundred girls , against an world average which lies between 103 - 107.

“Our country has the most serious gender imbalance that is most prolonged and affecting the most number of people,” the National Health and Family Planning Commission said in a statement on its website.

Many scholars admit that China is facing a demographic crisis, and is left with no choice but either to reverse the regressive law , or to make some further serious relaxation in it, if it has to remain young .

Finally, in the year 2003 it had made some amendments where couples could apply for a second child .

However, if reports of the state media are to be believed, then fewer people than expected have applied for permission to have a second child a year after China eased its one-child policy.