NEW DELHI:Another beastly act of rape and mutilation has gone almost unnoticed, even as political parties campaigned hard for women security and empowerment in Delhi.

Just 80 km away from Delhi, in Rohtak, Haryana, the body of a mentally unstable girl reported missing was recovered three days later, on February 4---half bitten, mutilated, raped.

It was only after a hue and cry was raised by the villagers that the authorities stepped in with some action. Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Khattar, assured the victim’s relatives that the perpetrators would be brought to justice. A police, reluctant to even recognise the crime, moved into action and arrested eight persons for the dastardly crime.

The arrested men belong to Gadda Kheri village, near Rohtak. They have reportedly all confessed to their crime.

Another accused, who was on the run since the rape, allegedly committed suicide by consuming poison,according to the police.

It is reported to be the one of the most heinous acts of rape in recent history. "I have never seen such a horrific case in 30 years. The injuries suggest she was hit on the head with a heavy object, became partly unconscious and was then gang-raped," said S K Dattarwal, who was in-charge of the post-mortem of the victim.

The 28 year old Nepalese woman, as her sister said, suffered from depression and had come to live with her only three months back. She was undergoing treatment at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences.

The victim had left her house and did not return. She had not informed anyone at home. The accused reportedly waylaid her and dragged her to the fields near Bahu Akbarpur village, which is 10 km from Rohtak, and raped and killed her.

It has been reported that when the victim threatened to expose them once released and started shouting, then, the accused hit her with bricks, and stones, and inserted her private parts with foreign objects, which ultimately led to her death.

To hide the body from being seen by the passersby, they threw her off a 7-foot wall, erected on the field. The young girl was bleeding profusely.

The Police acted true to form while dealing with cases of molestation and rape. The girl’s sister approached the police to report her missing, but they refused to file a FIR and take cognizance of the report.

"The police did not take my complaint seriously. They said you keep looking for will find her or maybe she will return. If they had acted promptly, she would have been alive," the vicim’s sister said. "We want the killers to be hanged," she added.

Chandigarh Police chief, Yashpal Singh since assured the media that action will be taken against the errant police officers but this is still awaited.