The Citizen brings to you three beautiful poems that capture the emotions and the trauma of Palestinian mothers and children, attacked, wounded and killed by Israeli air strikes.

Gaza At Night

The sky monsters as black as night

Come prowling looking for a fight.

Cradled close I can smell her

The scent of mum it soothes me over.

There’s nothing else that we can do

But lie in wait till morning’s due.

The beating of my mother’s heart T

he sound of buildings ripped apart.

The whistling before the big bright flash

Holding hands we make a dash.

Lifted, twisted, we are flying

The bed is spinning where we were lying.
My ears are burning with the roar

The boom I’ve never heard before.

Floating, a moment, time holds on

And then everything is gone.
The ground erupts and swallows me

Or is it the ceiling? I can’t see.

Which way is up? I knew before

It’s dark and cold, and I am raw.

My hand mummy, we’re holding tight

Everything is going to be alright.

Don’t let me go, I need you more

You know that I am nearly four.

Dark and fire, rubble and mud

Or is it earth mixed up with blood?

I move my body, but not much,

My chin and cheek I cannot touch.

I call my mum, as my face is sore

Up cuddle me from the floor.

We never let go, our fingers entwined

A greater love you’ll never find.

I need her now, I need her grace

I want her to touch my face.

I pull her hand from the floor

I have her hand and nothing more.




Dont be frightened my child,it will all be over soon

I know im safe with you Mama, safe here in my room

Shhh now, it will all be over soon

Thats what you said last time, and now Papa's gone

Papa's in a safer place, he will never again know harm

But I miss him so much, why couldn't we all go along?

We need to be strong, this is where we belong


The reasons are beyond You & I, no please dont cry

Mama I'm thirsty, my mouth is really dry

I'll get you some water, wait another day, Mama will find a way

I haven't drank since yesterday, but it's okay, I'll wait

Oh my sweet sweet child, here eat a date

Mama I love you, you're the only one still here

And it's right where I will stay, I'll never leave you dear

The bombs are frightening! Will it ever stop? [BOOM!]

Try to block it out my child, it will all be over soon

But everything's already spoilt, broken and destroyed

When we get the chance my child, Mama will buy new toys

I really hope its soon... wait what's that whistling noi...?


Palestinian Child


Don't grieve, for I am dead,

Your tears have no purpose.

Stand tall for what I said,

And know this life is worthless.

Learn from the life I led,

Remember how I was murdered.

An orphan without a bed,

I am peaceful now in heaven.

They live with no water or bread,

My family are still bleeding.

These tears that you shed,

Should be for those still breathing.