NEW DELHI: A shocking incident of depravity came to light this Sunday afternoon, when an eight year old girl was abducted from her locality in Shakarpur area of East Delhi, and raped.

The girl is a 3rd standard student and was returning home from a “feast” organized in nearby Priyadarshini Vihar, when she was abducted by the perpetrator in a Swift Dezire car.

The accused lured the girl into the car by offering her chocolates, and then raped her in a nearby isolated area. Police has confirmed the assault upon a medical examination.

A street vendor, who happened to be in the vicinity, raised an alarm as soon as he saw the girl being abducted in the car and racing away. The parents of the girl along with some of the neighbors started a search for the kid immediately and made a call to the PCR.

The 26 year old accused was apprehended and thrashed by the locals when they spotted his car as described by the street vendor, in a park in Laxmi Nagar.

“The girl was later taken to a nearby hospital for a medical examination, which confirmed rape. She is recuperating but doctors have said she is mentally distressed. She is receiving counseling,” a police officer reportedly said.

The man has been arrested and his car impounded. He has been booked under Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act.

In another incident from the eastern part of the nation, a 16 year old has alleged continual rape for over two years by her elder brother, father, and her uncle.

The incident occurred in Jalpaigudi District of West Bengal, some 600 km north of Kolkata.

The crime was surfaced when the girl broke down in her class and narrated the tale of her exploitation to her teachers on Thursday. The teachers then took her to Dhupguri station and filed an FIR there.

According to a report in NDTV, the girl had also been made pregnant twice by the accused, and had attempted suicide as well. She even told about the atrocity to her mother, who legitimized the act by the three member of the family by saying, “they are your father, uncle and brother only, not some strangers."

Even on the day when the minor informed her teachers about the rape, she was gagged and raped by her brother upon returning home. She alleged that initially it was her father, who is a farmer, and uncle only who violated her, but soon her brother joined them.

All three accused were arrested by the Police on Friday night. According to reports, the girl has been sent to Child Welfare Committee of Jalpaiguri District. The mother who had lent her support to the acts of the alleged rapists is still on the loose, and the hunt is on for her.