NEW DELHI: A 17-year old student of a private school has alleged rape by her father and Uncle, which extended over a period of six years. The uncle father duo was arrested on Friday after the girl made a call to Child helpline 1098 and told the authorities about her prolonged molestation.

The accused have been booked under Section 164 of CrPC. Girls' testimony has been recorded by the duty Magistrate.

According to the reports, ACP (Crime), Rajesh Kumar said, "Her father, a government teacher, 44, allegedly raped her several times. She alleged that her Uncle also raped her for three years since when she was a Class VI student."

According to the statement given to Police by the minor, latter was first raped in 2009 when her Uncle, who is a manager in a private bank, found her alone in her house and took advantage of her vulnerability.

After that, the teenager told her parents about the incident and they in return assured her that the Uncle won't be allowed in the house anymore. But this did not stop, and one day her father also , in a drunken state, violated her.

According to police, the men would get together at the father's house and would consume alcohol quite frequently , and equally frequently the teenager would be ravished by them.

"The victim was confident that after she complained about her uncle to her mother, things would change, and he would be asked not to visit their house. But to her shock, she was scolded and was asked not to discuss the matter with anyone. The girl started getting depressed.", Kumar said.