NEW DELHI: Mumbai model who alleged that she was molested and looted at the Saki Naka police station of the city, spoke for the first time since the arrest of the accused, and narrated the events which happened that fateful night.

In an interview given to Indian Express, she said that she was forced to have sex twice within a span of two hours by the same cop. Sunil Khatpe, the assistant police inspector was the "most violent".

"...again Khatpe told a constable and an forced himself on me. I begged him to go but he did not relent. I was groped and abused for the second time within two hours", she said.

According to the interview, the model informed that she is from Chandigarh and her sisters are teachers and she has a younger brother too. After the incident she was too scared to lodge a complaint and was worried for the safety of her family. The very thought of visiting a police station sent shivers down her spine.

"That is when I questioned myself. What would happen to my family? My father who has a heart condition, my mother, my brother", she said recollecting her thoughts which occurred to her when she first went home the morning after the station ordeal.

The victim has been in the consultancy business and worked in Singapore and Australia before she came to Mumbai last year to become an actress. She had rejected a few modelling offers in the hope of a better one. "I wanted to be a star. Now things have changed. I quit. I will go back to my consultancy profession." She rued.

According the media reports elsewhere , she had met her coordinator, Aman very recently, who had fixed a meet with a Gujarati businessman, Hashmi, at Holiday Inn, a city hotel. It occurred to her later that coordinator and the businessman were both complicit in the crime.

Aman and Hashmi are on the run. The police has been in the lookout for both of them since the incident and to light.

Earlier on Wednesday, the three Mumbai cops were arrested for allegedly raping and extorting five lakh rupees from her after she sent an SMS to Mumbai Commissioner Rakesh Maria and told him about the incident.

The incident happened last month on March 3, when the model and her male friend went to meet a modeling coordinator in a hotel which comes under Saki Naka jurisdiction in Andheri West.

The coordinator allegedly asked the model to pay Rs.3200 which she refused to. The coordinator then called his friends outside the hotel, among whom were the three accused cops and four other civilians.

They dragged the model and her male friend inside the police car and took them to Saki Naka police Chowky for further investigation. At the station the accused threatened the model with a charge under Prevention of Immoral Trafficking Act (PITA) unless she pays them five lakh rupees. They even took 1200 rupees as fine.

The male friend then was made to go to arrange the sum, which he duly did. He collected 4.35 lakh and in the process withdrew money from several ATMs.

The complainant alleged that while she was alone in the police custody, she was raped by one of the policeman, and the others snatched the bangles and other jewellery worth 80, 000.