NEW DELHI: A male nurse has been sentenced for 18 years for sexually assaulting as many as 27 women. Some of these women were in unconscious state when they were attacked.

Andrew Hutchinson, a male nurse at John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford, assaulted two of his victims, 18 and 35, when they were brought to the facility. He also filmed himself while in the act.

The 29 year old has filmed his other victims too. He captured himself on camera while sexually assaulting two other girls, when he volunteered at a medical tent during a music show, Oxford Crown Court heard.

Guardian reported some of the victims as they expressed their helplessness and disgust at the vile acts of the offender, since most of the times the victims were unconscious and considered the acts as a breach of trust.

“I think that what he has done is much worse than doing it in the street because I had no idea what was happening, so I had no opportunity to fight back.” One of the victims said to the newspaper. Another said: “I feel pure hatred towards him.”

The nurse's prolific crimes came to light when he was caught trying to film girls as young as nine, at a leisure Center.

His impounded computer and mobile phone were found be stored with numerous recorded clips of up-skirt shots of women in metro and other voyeuristic material. Hutchinson had also volunteered during London Olympics and many clips were recorded during that time as well.

The nurse, who is from Garford, Oxfordshire, admitted to the 27 charges of rape, sexual assault, voyeurism, outraging public decency, making indecent images of children, theft of medical equipment and theft/possession of ketamine.

Justice Ian Pringle, QC, called the crimes "despicable".

He reportedly said, "when they [his victims] were unconscious requiring your help and your assistance as their nurse, you raped them and you filmed it. It is impossible to conceive of a greater breach of trust in our society than that.”