NEW DELHI: Punjab’s ruling family, the Badals have faced severe flak since the teenage girl's death who was molested in a bus privately owned by them and had jumped off to save herself.

Even as protests forced the Badals to temporarily suspend plying of the buses under their company, the state Education Minister has stirred a hornets nest with his remark attributing the young girls death to "God's will". Media and public pressure on the government and the Chief Minister and his family has become intense.

"No one can stand against God's will... Even cars and planes have accidents... we should leave all this to God," Punjab's Education Minister Surjit Singh Rakhra said at an event on Friday.

Another controversial comment reflecting a mindset came from party colleague and Moga MLA, Joginder Pal Singh, who said , "You know a lot of accidents take place. Whatever the compensation... If it's settled out of court, is agreeable to both the parties."

The case has clearly demonstrated the Punjab government’s indifference to the victim and her family.The family of the victim had been offered 20 lakh rupees which they refused to take, and instead demanded swifter stringent action against the perpetrators.

The family had refused to cremate the body of the victim till the time all accused dont get arrested.

In a recent development, various media channels showed the CCTV grab of the bus in question and the driver boarding the bus. It has been alleged that police has arrested a wrong man and the driver shown to be boarding the bus is not among the four accused who been arrested.

On Wednesday evening, a gruesome incident occurred on the Mogha-Kotakapura bypass road, when a 14 year old girl and her 35 year old mother were made to jump from a speeding bus in order to protect their modesty.

The girl died on the spot.

A class 9 student, Arshdeep Kaur, her mother Shinder kaur, and 14 year old brother Akashdeep Kaur, were on their way to Guruser Kothe village in a private bus operated by Orbit bus service when some youths started passing lewd remarks and tried to molest the young girl. The conductor of the bus, instead of stopping the rowdy youths, joined them when the women asked him for help.

There were a few people in the bus at the time in the bus, but no one came forward to help when the victims raised an alarm. Shinder Kaur reportedly asked the driver to stop the bus, but he increased the speed instead.

In a desperate attempt to save themselves the mother-daughter duo jumped off the speeding bus. The girl died immediately and the mother was seriously injured. She is currently in hospitalA gruesome incident occurred on the Mogha-Kotakapura bypass road on Wednesday evening, when a 14 year old girl and her 35 year old mother were made to jump from a speeding bus in order to protect their modesty.