NEW DELHI: A Canadian sports reporter Shauna Hunt took a bunch of misbehaving men to task when they tried to sabotage a live interview she was conducting with soccer fans after a match on Sunday.

Shauna Hunt, a reporter with a Toronto based news channel, CityNews, confronted her harassers when she fell victim to the widely infamous "expletive" which has been raging on the Internet for more than last one year.

An interviewee news bombed her video by saying, "F%#k her right in the P%#*Y", who is now identified as Shawn Simoes. She then took the other men to task who were waiting in the wings to repeat the act as she went on with her job. She confronted them by saying, "It’s a disgusting thing to say, it’s degrading to women".

"You would humiliate me on live television"?, she snapped rhetorically. And then said, “I am sick of it. I get this every single day. Ten times a day by rude guys like you,” to the interviewee.

When Hunt asked what his mother would think of him to the interviewee. He said," Eventually she would die laughing".

Later on Tuesday, Hunt appeared for an interview on City Television and admitted that such brazen hurling of expletives has become a norm lately, and described the whole thing as "overwhelming".

"Every single day, people are yelling this at us. Men drive by and roll down their car windows and just yell it at you on the street,” she told the channel.

Widely recognised as "fhritp", it’s an Internet troll which has been performed a number of times with an intent to garner chuckles and to shock the women journalists in particular. The "act", which has mostly been enacted under phony premises, involves an interviewee or a bystander who jumps into frame of video and says the doltish words.

Although the act has been staged mostly and uploaded on the YouTube by the producers with an intent to get hits and "sell t-shirts", the meme has been adopted by young men across North America and they, in turn, have subjected many young women to the ridicule of the crappy sentence.

The "phenomenon" started with a Canadian comedian John Cain, who posed as a reporter on camera last year and while supposedly talking on an audio link with one of his colleagues said that he would f*** the 20 year old girl, who he is pretending to find.

He said, "I don’t care if she’s 20. Hell, I’d f*** her. You can’t say you wouldn’t f*** her. Maybe that’s what I’ll do when they find her. I will go and I’ll f*** her. I’ll f*** her right in the p****."

The video was taken as a genuine one initially which added to its popularity, but later it turned out to be hoax. But since then the hoax has been reenacted many times over, strengthening its real-world version, which is pugnacious and is a criminal offence.

Shawn Simoes has been identified and fired by his company HydroOne, where he worked as an Assistant Engineer, earning more a 100,000 dollars a year.