NEW DELHI: A dabang style of protest by a woman in Agra against her eve teaser- who happened to be a gunner of the Samajwadi Party politician- has rocked the social media.

Sadhvi Pandey, a 23 year old woman, not only jumped atop the local leader's Mercedes, tore off the party flag on the bonnet and smashed the windshield but also refused to come down till she was handed an apology, after being winked at by the gunner of the SP leader.

The incident occurred on Sunday evening at an Agra traffic light when Sadhvi, along with her sister stopped her scooty at the traffic intersection alongside the cavalcade of SP MLA Abhinav Sharma. When she caught the gunner winking at her from inside the car, the courageous woman immediately left her scooty behind and climbed up the car.

The two-minute video showing the angry Sadhvi, dressed in a Pink Salwar Kameez with the head covered with a dupatta, leaving her two wheeler behind and climbing atop the expensive car and explaining to the crowd what had happened, has gone viral on the social media.

People are applauding the courage of the young woman and sharing the link on the internet, saying that it was a perfect way to deal with eve teasers, no matter how powerful and mighty they may be.

The valiant woman, standing atop the luxurious car for around half an hour, was not only demanding an apology but also Rs6.500 to pay for a mobile phone that she said was smashed by the gunner.

Sadhvi has alleged that she was on a scooter with her sister and they were waiting at a traffic signal when the gunner winked at her. When her sister tried to take a photograph, the man snatched her phone and smashed it the ground. That is when she jumped onto the car.

According to eyewitnesses, the enraged Sadhvi, after she caught the gunner winking at her from inside the car, climbed atop and broke the windshield. They added that one of the men snatched the woman's mobile phone with which she had clicked the picture of the guard and threw it on the road. That enraged her further.

Simmering with rage, she challenged Abhinav Sharma, the SP leader and his bodyguards to come out of the car. While Sharma remained inside, few of his guards who were travelling in an accompanying vehicle came out and took on her.

The police came a little while and dispersed the crowd, attempting to broker peace.

However, the woman refused to come down from the bonnet of the car, demanding both money for her damaged phone and an apology from the bodyguard. It was only after a hour-long heated debate, the woman was handed an apology and paid Rs 6,500 as cost of her broken handset, and the matter was settled.

It is not yet clear if Abhinav Sharma, the SP leader was in the car during the time of the incident. However, in the video, a man wearing a white kurta pyjama is seen getting out of the car as crowds surround it, encouraging Sadhvi.

Meanwhile, SP leader Naresh Agarwal, while denying the role of any Samajwadi Party member, on Tuesday, said there is no leader by the name of Abhinav Sharma in the party.

In response to it, Sadhvi Pandey has said that she did not know who the person was.

"I didn't know who the person was, their father came and apologised”, she said. She also added, "I don't trust UP police at all, when I told them what happened they said they can't do anything.”

Interestingly, Abhinav Sharma reportedly refused to admit that his security guard had winked at any of the sisters. Instead, he claimed that his car might have brushed against the women's scooty which might have infuriated them.