The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the Islamic State sell al Sabaya (women captured in war) in the slave market with a price of 1000$.

The SOHR had been informed that IS distributed 300 women from the Yezidis Sect to its fighters in Syria. The women were kidnapped in Iraq weeks ago on the base of being “ Sabaya from the loot of war with the infidels”. The SOHR documented some case where IS militants were selling the female women to other fighters with a price of 1000$ for each woman. They said the women would convert and get married to the militant who paid the money required to get them.

The SOHR documented 27 cases at least of such sales in the northern countryside of Aleppo and two other smaller towns of al Raqqa and al Hasaka.

The SOHR has also documented the fact that a few Arabs and Kurds paid money while pretending to negotiate with the Islamic State militants, saying they would marry the Yazidi girls. They then liberated the women and returned them to their families.

The SOHR has strongly condemned the “kidnapping of the Yazidis women and girls by IS where they are sold as if they are goods for trade and sale .”

The Islamic State militants seem to have made this sale of kidnapped women part of their ideology, if it can be called that. Women in the region have now issued a call for unity to oppose the IS on this specific ground as well.