NEW DELHI: Pappu Yadav, an MP from Madhepura Bihar, has been accused of threatening to beat an air hostess with "chappals" when she asked him to follow the discipline in the flight.

During a Patna to Delhi Jet Airways flight on Wednesday, Yadav, whose membership was cancelled from Rashtriya Janta Dal (RJD) for anti-party activities, was seen as throwing leftovers of food on the aisle and when air hostess asked him not to do that, he threatened to beat her with his slippers and manhandled her while getting out of the aircraft.

"I have been travelling by flight for the past 35 years and there has never been a single allegation against me,” Yadav told ANI. “I am going to file a complaint against this accusation with the CEO of the airline because I feel that the air hostess and the crew are doing this merely for publicity. I think this is a conspiracy against me.” He said.

However, airline sources have a different story to tell as, “Yadav was extremely unruly with the cabin crew when she asked him not to throw the leftover food in the aisle and also misbehaved with her,” PTI reported quoting airline sources.

The commotion in flight forced the pilot to ask ATC the permission to land ahead of other flights and to deploy security guards at the arrival gate to prevent any mis-happening.

Congress leaders deplored the incident and demanded an end to the VIP culture.

"Pappu Yadav is an MP. Being an MP, he might have a few privileges when he is travelling, but he is a passenger too. As a passenger, everyone knows the norms of conduct with the cabin crew,” Congress leader PL Punia told ANI. “I am shocked that no action has been taken against him. When he arrived at the Delhi airport, he should have been arrested immediately by the officials. We are totally against this VIP culture of giving undue privileges to ministers whether they travel by plane or ship. This should immediately stop.”

Pappy Yadav is one of the most notorious names in Bihar regional politics. He has been behind bars under the charge of murder of CPI leader Ajit Sarkar, but was released two years back for lack of evidence.

Pappu Yadav is "Best Performing MP for 2015."