NEW DELHI: Thanks to a botched up job by the Maharashtra police a girl got raped twice in a week by the same people, and now the cops are blaming the father for the fiasco, saying that he didn’t trust them enough.

The victim, a 17 year old girl, was first allegedly raped on July 6 by two men in Jalna district of Maharashtra, her rapists also snatched her phone and made a video of her too, after which she approached the police next day. It was while she was getting her report written that she received a call from the same men who had raped her and asked her to come to the same spot with Rs 2000 if she wanted her phone back. The cops told the girl to go to the same spot while they followed her.

Around 2:30 the girl left for Mantha Chowk, the designated place, with a woman cop while her father trailed behind, but the accused didn’t turn up. Her FIR remained unfinished.

the victim’s father said.

Two days later, the police hatched another plan by using the victim as “bait”--again.

“The victim, however, mistook a regular patrol van which passed by her house as the escort vehicle and thought that was the signal for her to leave for the spot,” said Special Inspector General of Police, Aurangabad Range, Vishwas Nangre-Patil, as reported in Indian Express.

Both accused raped the girl for the second time. Her father said that she even tried to set herself on fire after the humiliation but she was stopped from doing so. He also said that it was police’s “overconfidence” which led to the complete cock-up. “The police paid no heed. I specifically told them of a spot that I wanted cordoned off. That is the exact spot where my daughter got raped for the second time… Vinod Ejjapawar (the local branch officer who came up with the plan) told me I should not worry and that his team was ready,” he complained.

He also added further that there was no tracking of movement of his daughter on her way to the fateful spot, and all this while police asked her daughter to be brave and not be afraid as they’re behind her.

The accused, identified as Nitin Salve (19) and Sanjay Havare (21) have been taken in to custody for police remand till July 18.