NEW DELHI: Famous scientist R K Pachauri, who is currently embroiled in a sexual harassment case, has now been allowed to work from his The Energy and Research Institute of India (TERI) office, barring two-- in Delhi and the other in Gurgaon.

The Sessions Court Judge Rajkumar Tripathi allowed the plea to modify the earlier order which restricted Pachauri’s entry in any of TERI’s offices on Friday. Since the grant came many persons have expressed their displeasure at the move to allow him access to the premises of the office as he can influence the witnesses, so they argue.

“Several witnesses, mostly the employees of TERI office at Lodhi Road, are to be examined. Some witnesses of TERI office at Defence Colony are also to be examined. So if the accused is allowed to enter office, there is possibility that he may try to influence them," said the Investigation Officer of the case.

Senior advocate Ramesh Gupta appearing for Pachauri said that so long there’s been full cooperation from the side of accused contrary to the charges of the IO, moreover, he said, that most of the proceeding have been finished as all the electronic records, mobile, laptop of the accused have been submitted to the court subsequently he has deposed before the investigation four times already.

The counsel further added that accused has not been working for the last four months and with the set of imposition laid on him by court he can work from Vasant Kunj office.

"He can't sit at home, he has to work at least from any one office of TERI," he said.

Prashant Mendiratta, counsel for the complainant, said that accused was barred from visiting the premises by court so that he could not influence witnesses, but now that protection cover is bound to be assailed.

During Pachauri’s absence Leena Srivastava headed the TERI as Acting Director General, now after his return she has been made a “Distinguished Fellow” at the organisation.

It’s a point to be noted that Pachauri never resigned as Director-General of the world famous NGO.

Meanwhile, the 29 year old complainant who’s not joined the office since May shown her anger over the permission granted to Pachauri in an in interview given to NDTV channel.

She said, "It's scary to take note of their silence and inaction because, from what I used to hear, in the corporate world, on a complaint of such a nature, action is taken swiftly and at times overnight... "

She also raged at the way R K Pachauri was "welcomed back to his office with garlands and flowers, while I am being shunted out of work."