NEW DELHI: Almost a month after The Energy and research Institute (TERI) Head R K Pachauri was given a sack by the green body under pressure from civil society since he was an accused in a harassment case, the 27 year old victim who worked with him as an assistant researcher wrote a letter to PM Narendra Modi demanding that Pachauri be sacked from all remaining positions as he wields immense clout in the organisation and is also influencing the witnesses. "The accused can exercise his clout and influence to sabotage other aspects of investigation," the complainant wrote in her four-page letter.

The victim further states that the organisation, of which she is still an employee, is not cooperating with the investigation. "TERI has not been cooperating with the police deliberately to help the accused," she wrote. The Internal Complaints Committee which had found merit in victim’s complaint is also being made to recede back in its attempts to bring the truth put to the fore, she charged. "There is fear and terror created within the workplace and witnesses are being influenced, which the police too have said repeatedly in court. The ICC committee was subjected to hostility and intimidation for sabotaging the inquiry outcome," she said.

The young researcher also lamented over the issue of transfer of one of the “most able” officer from the case, saying, " of the most able officers, Inspector Ajay Singh Negi has been transferred out of my case. This transfer of this very able police officer has come as a rude shock to me and left me feeling more helpless and dejected."

She didn’t spare her fellow female seniors at the organisation either and accused them of capitulating. "Worst, there are women who are members of this Governing Council and have flatly refused to “govern” the deprave misconducts of a man who is of my grandfather’s age. The so called "women of steel" displayed great foot work and have side stepped the issue adroitly." She said.

She also requested in the letter to reinstate Ajay Singh Negi back to the case.