NEW DELHI: A senior CPI leader, Atul Anjan has apologised in poor fashion, for making a remark against Sunny Leone’s Manforce condom ad, which according to him is the kind of stuff to encourage rape.

"Supporters of porn and Sunny Leone are raising objections. I apologise, but I dont stand for such ads," Anjan said. "Ads should be sober, Sunny Leone's ads are vulgar. I am not anti-condoms, but the language used in the ad is not right," he added.

In a video shot recently, Anjan is seen addressing from a podium which bore a banner behind him the name of Swami Sahajanada Saraswati, a peasant movement activist. Anjaan says about the ad, “There is this woman called Sunny Leone, who has been brought to India from Australia by Mahesh bhatt, who is an actress of nudest of movies… I had never heard of porn but when I watched it I cannot tell how disgusting it is.” He continued further while giving a disclaimer in midway that he can’t be too revelatory about the nature of her work since there are women sitting in the audience.

He finally blamed the rising incidents of rape in the country on such condom ads, which are marked by titillation. “She lies down with her hair open…. the guy comes day in and day out,” he is seen as saying in the video.

However, Sunny Leone has retired from her earlier profession and she doesn’t hail from Australia but from Canada.