NEW DELHI: A 25 year old woman, with her baby and her husband jumped from a running train to avoid being raped by a dozen drunken hooligans

The incident took place in the Mahanadi Express to Alipurduar in Northern West Bengal. The family was travelling from Ghaziabad where they live, to visit their hometown in Cooch-Behar district.

The family was travelling in the General compartment of the train when a clutch of miscreants started misbehaving with the woman. They threatened her explicitly with rape and talked on phone with other friends about what they will do to her.

“These men started harassing her after they crossed Siliguri. They were in the general compartment…and the family was alone with these men,” said an official according to media reports.

When faced with no choice, the woman threw herself and her 10 month daughter from the train near the jungle in West Bengal’s Rajabhatkhawa area, the husband (32) followed. The husband and the infant received fractures on their skull, while the woman escaped with minor injuries.

“The family said that these men were continually threatening them. They molested the woman and told the husband that they would kill him if he protested. They spoke to people on the phone in front of the terrified family and kept telling them about the things that they would do to the young woman and her husband.” Deputy commercial manager, Alipurduar-NFR, Basanta Das said to the Indian Express.

The woman said that she asked for help from a guard at New Hasimara Railway station, but he advised them to get in touch with the police at the next station, Alipurduar.