NEW DELHI: Four men have been detained including one named “Rahul” (26), in connection with the brutal rape of a four year old girl in Keshav Puram of northwest Delhi. The detainees include the man who was named by the girl when she regained her consciousness.

"Rahul was the one who handed over the girl to the other unidentified person. Once police catches Rahul, he will reveal name of the accused," father of the victim had earlier said. The detained persons are from the same area as where the girl’s family live on Lawrence road.

The incident had happened across the railway tracks on the edge of which a series of single room houses shanties are located.

On Monday, the police rounded up and interrogated more than 100 men and detained four of them. The father of the girl had earlier told police that a man named “Rahul”, a frequenter in the area, used to offer food to young kids and it is he who had lured the victim by giving her a Maggi packet and 10 rupees, and handed her to another man.

The young girl was found profusely bleeding on the railway tracks with several cut marks on her face and body. Her private parts were found to be badly injured also. She was spotted by women who were on the tracks to relieve themselves, who then brought her to her parents.

It has been alleged by the girl’s father that the assailants had tried to throttle her as well but ran away leaving her in intense pain when they saw someone approaching.

The JJ cluster which runs along the railway tracks, and home to girl’s family, is notorious for incidents of drunken brawls and looting in the evening. There are a number of speakeasies in the area where cheap liquor is available round the clock and it’s common to find drunken men playing cards and cat-calling women who go there to defecate on the tracks. The victim’s family had just shifted to the area a decade back from Jalaun in UP. Her father works as a painter and the mother works as maid in nearby houses.

The girl’s rectum and vagina had been found to be horribly damaged which forced the doctors to perform a colostomy on her in a three hour long surgery. Colostomy is a procedure done to make way for an alternate passage of stool which is not uncommon in cases of rape where parts are severely damaged. They said she will have to live with a stool bag for weeks before her rectum is fully recovered.