Based on “extensive” research (!), quantitative and qualitative, The Citizen has come to the conclusion that a key demographic, South Delhi girls, should be leading Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s support base in the country.

Anyone who has spoken to a South Delhi girl knows that chances are (hey, we know there are exceptions) that she spends a large part of her time attending yoga sessions in Lodhi garden, browsing the catalogues of Delhi’s best known designers, greeting (secretly hated) social acquaintances with air kisses, and spending her Friday/Saturday nights partying it up in “private rooms” and the “VIP section” at an overpacked nightclub.

The photographs below will demonstrate that there is much in PM Modi that the South Delhi girl admires.

(Disclaimer: This post is not meant to be taken seriously).

PM Modi does yoga; South Delhi girls ‘lovvv’ yoga:

PM Modi does yoga in a lotus flower; South Delhi girls are already looking for the flower:

PM Modi does yoga with a yoga buddy; South Delhi girls never do yoga without their buddies:

PM Modi sometimes slacks off whilst yoga buddy shows off; South Delhi girls like the showing off:

PM Modi is comfortable with a little bit of PDA; South Delhi girls OD on PDA:

PM Modi getting into the mwah posture; South Delhi girls mwah all the time:

PM Modi hugs (former PM Manmohan Singhs brother in this case) for appearance sake; South Delhi girls hug everyone they meet:

PM Modi hugs the adversary even tighter; so do South Delhi girls:

PM Modi is a fashion statement; South Delhi girls “simply adore” fashion statements:

PM Modi inspires a good party; South Delhi girls drool over such inspirations:

PM Modi has a good time too, but in the ‘VIP Section’ (‘VVIP’ where available); South Delhi girls fawn over such ‘exclusivity’: