NEW DELHI: Parents and students of Aditi Mahavidyalaya of Delhi University have accused its principal of turning a blind eye to their earlier complaints against a professor of harassment. An ad hoc professor, Prince Kumar Sharma, at the girls’ college was arrested on Wednesday as the students had alleged several instances of deviancy on his part.

The parents have asked for the resignation of the principal Mamta Sharma, who, according to them only swung into action when her office was stormed by students. They alleged that accused was only terminated when the students gathered at her office.

According to girl students the professor made comments on their looks repeatedly and even failed a couple of students as well, since it was his policy to accord marks on the basis of looks only.

“Tumhara chehra dekh ke marks dunga (I will give you marks on the basis of your looks), he (Prince) would tell students. He even failed two girls in field work in social work in the first year, giving them zero. He would ask students to send him their selfies, message them late at night and comment on what they wore. Even after a complaint, the principal looked the other way,” said a student to Indian Express.

“If the girls wouldn’t have got together and protested, things would have continued. He threatened many of us, saying he is a relative of the principal” another student alleged.

A parent informed the media that it was only on 1st January that principal took the action against the professor despite being in the know of the whole affair owing to an anonymous letter written to her long back.

The protesters have approached the Education Minister Manish Sisodia for a swift and fitting action against the accused. The Minister has since written a letter to Directorate of Higher Education and has asked them about the glaring irregularities in the appointment of the accused. He has asked the Directorate that how come the professor was appointed in his position under visual handicapped quota when he possesses a driving license and drives to college every day.