GAZA: I tried to explain to my late mother that she had to be expelled from Zarnouqa in 1948, leave her memories and house behind because a crazy bigot had committed a pogrom against Jews in Europe, but she neither wanted to understand ("what does that have to do with us?") nor accept (why didn't the Europeans give them a homeland?" until she passed away in a refugee camp, 90 km south of her village.

This song is dedicated to all Palestinian mothers who had to endure the unendurable in 1948.

Editors Note: Haidar Eid is a brave academic who lives in Gaza and has been suffering with the people through war and peace times in what many now commonly refer to the worlds largest open air prison. Eid who writes and sings has been very optimistic and yet realistic. One senses pain, sorrow and a certain pessimism in this song with no resolution to the Palestinian crisis in sight.The Citizen is honoured to publish this small note that Eid sent us, along with his song:

Land of Sad Lemons

Lyrics: AbdulRahim Mansour

How many seasons and years have gone by,

Lemon trees have withered,

Where are you?!

Without you, I am neither sane, nor insane!