NEW DELHI: A 14 year old Dalit girl -- who was allegedly raped and tortured by her neighbour -- succumbed to injuries on Sunday. Her neighbour had reportedly made her drink a ‘corrosive substance’ that caused severe damage to her internal organs.

The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) issued notice to the Delhi Police, with DCW chairperson Swati Maliwal saying that “Delhi again failed her Nirbhaya.” In a series of tweets, Maliwal added, “How many Nirbhayas does Delhi want?”

Maliwal slammed the Delhi Police for failing to take timely action, saying that it was only after the DCW issued notice to the DCP (North) that the accused was arrested. “The girl was fed a corrosive substance which completely destroyed her internal organs and she died a very painful death,” she said (as quoted in The Hindustan Times). The girl’s uncle added that only one accused has been arrested whilst four other people who were involved are still free.

The DCW chairperson added, ““Safety of women is only being politicised in Delhi. I am saying this with folded hands that the Centre and the Delhi government will have to come together and work. We will all have to work together so that Delhi’s girls do not continue to suffer” (as quoted in The Indian Express).

The girl’s uncle alleged that the accused, Shiv Shankar, threatened them and abducted the girl on May 15. “For two months she suffered everyday. She was forced to drink an acid-like substance after which she could not eat anything. Drinking water was also painful. She would vomit blood. Only one accused has been arrested while four are walking free. We want them to be arrested and punished,” the girl’s uncle told the Indian Express.

The girl’s family produced videos of the girl, in which she states that there was a woman amongst the people who were holding her captive.

The DCW it seems, only intervened in the case after July 15, based on media reports. Timely action by the police could have prevented the girl’s death, as she had been held captive since May 15, as reported by her family.