As a spirited cow moving through this chaotic world, I decided to take livestock of myself and go on a grand journey around the world. A journey that would take me to places old and new, a journey to discover and most importantly a journey without any bull(s) In this weekly humour travelogue, expect to see travel tips, misadventures, chewing of cud, food recommendations and reflections as this lone cow navigates her life outside the proverbial cow shed.

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Monday: #MondayMisadventure at Hong Kong

Today's misadventure monday takes the pacific route. In the quest for cheaper airfare and short stopovers, one can make the most fascinating errors in judgement. Behold! The booking of the pacific route (Bangalore - Hong Kong - Toronto) with a 50 minute stopover.

As my imaginary therapist might say, maybe I really wanted to miss that connecting flight.

Here I am, watching drivel on the in-flight entertainment, counting the moonites before I land in HK. Touchdown! A quick glance at the ole time piece and mental calculation tells me that we have landed 15 minutes after we had planned to, I now have 35 minutes to get to my Toronto flight! PANIC.

As I race to the arrival gate, feeling udderly nervous and excited at the same time, I see an airline representative with a placard saying “Toronto”. Was this a sign? Suddenly I could imagine being fast-tracked through it all. I was that VIP who was being hurried through the airport because missing my flight was not an option.

This airline rep with a polite smile and a nod of head hands me a new boarding card! Could it be? A fast-tracked VIP boarding card? I smile and let out a long sigh of relief. I ready myself for the brisk jog ahead. I glance at the boarding card, by udder chance and my wet eyes widen. The boarding time is 7 hours later! Adding a little inescapable misadventure, a measly 75 HKD food coupon is presented to me. “Pass the time in departure gate 23” she said icily and then made haste to the travelators.

Alas, neither am I a very important cow nor does a 50 minute stopover for international flights ever actually work.

So here was my conundrum, spend the next 7 hours in an airport without much to do or say or leg it to HK for a small taste of a new city? The #NoBullTravel way prides experience over convenience so off I went.

Pictured above is a delightfully coloured taxi in a busy street in HK. What could be the benefits of driving around in a red car in a foreign country? An avoidable transit, a whiff of local culture and a new stamp on your passport!

Tuesday: #Cowaboutthat? at Jersey City, USA

Today’s amazing discovery is about Jersey (First time those words have been uttered?) I calf. A number of my friends live here, you may have heard of the Jersey cows?

Of course, there is a Manhattan madness that takes over when you reach Moo York, but a hop, skip and path train away from Manhattan is Jersey City. Here I found walking paths, fusion restaurants and dogs, so many dogs! I had never been herbivore so I was quite excitable.

I liked the energy and vibe here. I liked the availability of poke bowls. What an unbelievable change of scenery. #JCmakeityours

Stroll around the quaint streets. Take in the best views of Manhattan. Eat at Mathews Food and Drink and be served by charming waiters! Be assaulted by happy dogs everywhere!

Travel is about discovery and newness. How wonderful to discover something new in moo York!

Wednesday: #DutyfreeforHumpDay at Toronto Pearson International Airport, Canada

Its Wednesday and you know what that means! Its #DutyFreeforHumpDay. Something to remind you that the important things of life should be available without the burden of local taxes.

Today’s glamour shot comes from Toronto, Canada. This candid portrayal depicts the atmosphere of this unique landmark. Notice the soft rounded edges that give you a feeling of entrapment. The energising lights to make you forget your circadian rhythm. The endless racks of stuff to make you forget that you already own lots of stuff.

Welcome to Toronto Duty Free and Feel #Bullessed

Thursday: #4TummyThursday at Smoke's Poutinerie, Toronto, Canada

Its everyone’s favourite day! Chow down for #4TummyThursday!

As you will recall, Tummy #1 is for snacks, appetisers and small bites. Tummy #2 is for pasta and other carby delights. Tummy #3 is for sweets and desserts. Tummy #4is a standby tummy for extra servings for Tummys 1-3! Today we focus on Tummy#1

Today we discover a Canadian icon, a legend in its own gravy. I know you’re considering Celine Dion but I speak of an even greater cultural behemoth. The Poutine! That strange sounding, Quebec-originating carby delight! The first probable answer to the improbable question “What is Canadian cuisine?” Soft salty fries are topped with cheese curds and a mystery gravy to make this dish. My Canadian brethren have been hard at work on this dish as the cheese curds really are exquisite! I am a no fuss kinda cow who will try to ingest almost anything! Presented with 3 Poutines from Smoke's Poutinerie for #4TummyThursday? how irresistable!

You know the expression it tastes better than it looks? That’s Poutine! In fact, legend has it that its name originates from its messy demeanour. But as a food connoisseur, I do believe taste trumps presentation and not every plate of food needs to be dressed for the opera. As for variations, the remixes are even better than the original! So try all flavours of this delightful snack.

So enjoy a warm bowl of Poutine on a cold rainy day and take in all that local culture. Best enjoyed with friends and country cousins.

Friday: #TheCowShedtheweight at Toronto, Canada

As you wander around the world and indulge your #4tummies, it's inevitable that you will add a little extra air to your tummy tyres. But to ensure you don’t end up looking like a goodyear blimp, you must remember to take care of yourself as you #treatyoself.

Today’s Friday #Thecowshed, comes with a twist and a stretch! Today we discuss how we #cowshedtheweight while on NoBull Travel.

Something I have learned to do to #cowshedtheweight is to pick an activity you love doing and consider doing it wherever you travel. That will be the only way to be accountable to your weight goals. For me, I like to run! I know you’re having a hard time picturing a fast-moving bovine but it really does keep the fourth chin away! Burn those calories as your tear down the track and consume that next gelato guilt free!

My running shoes are my trusted companions on the NoBull Travel (I don’t believe in product placements, I just do it) journey and I try and rack up my steps in new and interesting locales and meadows.

Pictured here is the neighbourhood ravine of Midtown Toronto where I like to move it move it. Take in the fresh air, jog past obedient canines and challenge yourself to a path quite uncommon.

Saturday: #WeekendMilkTip at Montreal, Canada

This week's #weekendmilktip comes from Magnificent Montreal. If discovery is your game when you travel, then look no further than Montreal.

Sights, eats and board game parlours to be found and claimed as your own, as you amble along cobblestone roads from another century or perhaps continent?

Today, we learn to follow the moosic! When travelling make sure you pack in just enough wiggle room in your suitcase to allow for the evening to take you on an unexpected path. Walking along St Denis in old Montreal, I first heard the blues and a heavenly voice blaring out of a bar on the sidewalk. This voice drew me in! And so I sat down for the next 40 minutes to partake in the blues and atmosphere of a most charming dive bar. As I got up to leave and make my way to a scheduled next stop, my ears were welcomed with the most pleasing jazz! As a big fan of jazz moosic, there is nothing more pleasing than jazz on a Saturday evening or well any evening. Walking into a completely empty bar, a quartet were in their element belting out standards and revering the great #theolinusmonk Imagine! A private audience with a local jazz band in Montreal.

An irresistible lesson learned today on my travels, If the jazz and blues sound good, follow the moosic!

Sunday: #DayofGraze at Toronto, Canada

Today is the #dayofgraze. Time to say graze, sip on a cold brew and let the week wash over you.

Sundays are Sundays for a reason. Being from the tropics, I have a love/hate relationship with the sun but on Sundays, I’m a fan. I love to sit in the sun and enjoy the warm embrace of a rest day!

Pictured here is a cold beer at a food truck festival in Woodbine park in Toronto. Enjoy the crispness of taste, light and friendship. Eat some fresh food from a truck, sit in a park and make a day while the sun shines. Nothing too fast, nothing too difficult. Always easy, always grazing on a Sunday.