NEW DELHI: Away from the hustle-bustle of NCR, in a little universe of its own in Dadri, Shiv Nadar University is abuzz with activity and anticipation. TEDxShivNadarUniversity is back with its 2nd edition, and the hype couldn’t be any greater! After the grand success of TEDxShivNadarUniversity 2016, one can bet that the expectations and pressure to deliver are high. However, the organizing team is up to the task, and what holds is the promise of a stellar lineup and a colourful experience like never before. Here’s why your precious pocket is worth every single rupee invested in this event:

  1. A sincere discussion shall empower viewers to go deep into vulnerability and face discomfort head on, candidly.
  2. An enchanting journey through the lines and curves of Devanagari shall unravel the secrets of the art of calligraphy.
  3. The race to the pole position shall open up doors to places never visited before, and adrenaline rushes never experienced before.
  4. A confluence of theatre, sex and Madonna shall throw light on a horrifying tale of suffering and an epic artistic journey.
  5. An insider’s look at insight-led storytelling practiced by brands and why we fall in love with them will only make storytelling and marketing classes much more fun.
  6. The mad science of music shall manifest on the TEDx stage in a unique, crazy experience.
  7. A stellar portfolio of documentaries and the unquenchable thirst to empower suppressed voices shall only stimulate positive action.
  8. An amalgamation of the two great worlds- business and writing shall present an honest conversation of how great business leaders learn from the dreamers and writers.
  9. In an interesting introduction into the realms of BlockChain, the audience will get a taste of the evolving technology and how it’s changing our world.
  10. A reality check for the youth shall divulge how innovative, well-planned ideas go a long way in solving problems in our world, in our way.
  11. The odyssey of the nation’s biggest and coolest (erstwhile) secret shall introduce a new kind of social scene, which is innovative and utterly different from the noisy marketplace.
  12. The hunt for the truth, and the search for creative solutions to wicked problems shall turbocharge your full brain potential and synthesize success.
  13. Friends of the Autobots shall take you all on an interstellar journey never attempted before.
  14. A conversation with a pilgrim of other dimensions on non-normal things as if they were normal, shall help you define crazy from a schizophrenic perspective.
  15. Ignited minds, passionate discussions and free Red Bull will give wings to new perspectives and ideas worth spreading. ;)

12. 11. 2017.
Mark the date.

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