Have we any place left inside of us to love? Has the obsession of physical things taken over our spirit for life? Have we become the machines we have been trying to create?

From the echoing laughter to the shrill cry, the child finds fascination in the little things. The world becomes a canvas and he paints it with his imagination. So when do we close ourselves to this mental imagery, when does life really become a race against time? Is there a definite transition from living to existing? And how often do we really find a purpose in our being?

The problem lies in the fact that none of us really stop to answer these questions. The greed for materialistic pursuits takes over like a disease and all of us succumb to it, most sooner than later. Our lifestyle becomes not our own, but a combination of how our peers expect us to live and expectations of the society that we live in. So if it is only money that we run after which supports our physical existence, what happens to the love that is meant to feed our soul?

Love is often confused with lust. Therefore, it becomes a physical characteristic and is disconnected with our spiritual self. Love in fact is in the small things, in the details really. Rustling of leaves on an autumn morning, a mother dropping her child to the bus stop returning to load of household chores that await her, laughing with friends over childhood memories; this is love. This is when love is not for a person but for the essence of life. It is selfless, unconditional and not momentary. This is when love begins to enter your spirit and you find a mission in your life.

People who you assume you love, and people who actually make you realise you can love. Their primary intention is not for you to love them back, but for you to find the love within yourself and express it. It’s almost like a spark within you that lights up each time you feel the emotion. Whether you visit a place from the past, meet someone you cared for or reminisce. And this is when you find an answer to all the questions. This is when you really realize that love is the answer.

The race becomes not a race anymore; it’s more a stroll... with a pace chosen by you. You begin to accept your flaws; in fact you begin to admire them. You still face issues but you face them graciously because you live a life tailor made by you.

So today, when life isn’t what we perceived, it’s because we haven’t lived it. When love doesn’t come to us easy, we have failed to recognise its existence within us. And when we lose the purpose of our very existence, we know that life is where love is and that will lead us to greatness.