Calendars often features actors, models, sport stars, furry animals and the like. A new initiative seeks to change that, all for a noble cause. 'Chaanv' a Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) is launching a calendar to commemorate the third anniversary of its 'Stop Acid Attacks' campaign.

"The idea was generated from the debate on the true meaning of beauty and society's present mindset of understanding the definition of beauty and misjudging those who have somehow lost their physical beauty," explains, one of the members of Stop Acid Attack Campaign and Chaanv.

Nothing like typical calendars, the calendar under the title "Bello" features 12 acid attacks victims begin from the month of March 2015 and ends in February 2016. The photos of the acid attack victims depict their dreams which have been halted because of the atrocious attack.

The campaigners emerged with a 'Reach Out Mission' to document around 300 acid attack survivors to reintegrate them into mainstream society. It is learnt that the funds generated by the sale of the calendar would be employed for the treatment of the acid attack survivors in India.

Incidents of acid attacks are repeatedly increasing in India. It has ruined many lives. Now a question burst out in my mind: Is outlawing Acid truly the only answer? If government bans acid, the people will try to find another weapon. Wouldn’t if be better to educate the people and to teach them an important lesson?

Sadly, it's not a matter of creating laws and its execution on selling and buying of acid. It's the manifestation of our ethnic thought in which a loser has to take revenge after failure. What we need is to change this state of mind. We shouldn't think of it that a person who throws acid on woman faces by and large always runs from small bony lanes.

Now people are well educated. How eccentric it is! They are about ready for defacing a person. They find acid as the best weapon to do so. They are just animal aspects of humans. Liberty is a creation of a society growing passed their prehistoric aspects.

Not even attempting an offense, today's society is the picture perfect instance of a nation that hasn’t cultured or developed to do that. Which country is perfectly honest where people can live honestly in? Does it mean if one leaves you in the middle of a relationship, you throw acid on them? What sort of legalization is that? This is indignation and quite awful.

How can one be so clear with fact that males are always tarnishing lives? There are some insane girls who chase boys and trail them, even females do the lovely and amiable chat , do assures but when they discover much richer man than the one they are preying, they put him and move on to rich sweetie daddy. Acid tossing is an ill act and it must be fated instead of being so glad about it.

This one evidently reveals the other side of the picture, it's not a subject of gender equality. Indeed, in our society, women are demoralized but this kind of episode alarms everyone. Just see the availability of highly toxic stuff is so simple that even a teenage can purchase it for this harmful purpose and no one really restricts them.

The solution is effortless ‘just ban common the toxic harmful liquids and acids in the local markets’ must be diluted to the level that it can not damage the humans. The boys went into an outburst against girls from one acid attack which is really dark. Acid attacks in general are rare as compared to suicide attacks or so. The mess with our country is that everyone is a freaking startling observer. In the future, a teen flings acid on a parent. Till we take notice of that on every news-bulletin as if it's an every day incidence.

One who throws acid to a person is condemnable regardless of the gender as that also reflects the lack of faith by the people towards the institutions enforcing law.

We must change the state of mind of people. Crime can not be eliminated from society hitherto people do not change their minds. Any kind of crime can be stamped out from the nation when the persons think that crime is just malevolence. We must try to aware the persons to let them live to their own wills.

This piece bared the fact that we are not law abiding citizens. Laws are always around us, but no one bother to execute them. Need of the hour is to change this cerebral approach.