NEW DELHI: Maggi has been banned. The government said the snack food had high levels of lead and other additives. Nestle disagrees. It says that its own tests, including the ones done by an independent lab, prove that the noodles are safe for consumption. Nestle is so sure that it has taken the matter to court.

All this doesn’t matter. What matters is that there is no more maggi. No more delectable two-minute noodles, with ample masala sprinkled on. What matters most is that I miss maggi. It was my go-to snack when hunger struck and I lacked the time or inclination to prepare anything elaborate for myself.

What will I do without maggi? When heavy despair sets in, especially at 6 PM which is my usual maggi snack time, I have to turn to a coping mechanism that I have had to develop. This mechanism involves the following images. I remind myself that although I deeply miss maggi noodles, these people pictured below must be missing it even more.

With that little bit of consolation and reassurance, I make myself a drab sandwich and continue on with my unfulfilling day.

1. This vendor

2. This girl

3. Rahul baba

4. This young girl (and her family)

5. These guys

6. Everyone who relates to the following

7. Him

8. Her