NEW DELHI: “What's your favorite video that is 10 seconds or less?” asked user Aptninja on Reddit. When you ask a question on Reddit you get an answer, and an answer Aptninja got. In fact, the user got 8000 answers.

From Arthur of the Haiti forecast to a child answering “Orange” to the question “Name a yellow fruit?” The submissions also include Jackie Chan death scenes, Jon Stewart snippets, a video of a penguin falling, “Nice Ron” chasing away the deer, crazy hockey dad… and SO MUCH MORE.

With 8000 submissions it is impossible to answer “which is the best video that is 10 seconds or less?” but we have compiled our list of favourites, based on user answers.

1. Arthur

2. Orange is a yellow fruit

3. Sneezing Ron

4. “Hi Ron”

5. Recreated bear

6. Angry hockey dad

7. Penguin takes a tumble

8. Anchor versus Rooster

9. “I don’t even want it”

10. The missing stapler

11. Egginem

12. Token cat video