GENEVA: Rue Sismondi is located in the red light district of Geneva. A charming cross-section of mundane goings-on during the day, the avenue transforms into a romp of colourful debauchery as night time rolls in. This is a short poem inspired by the vivacious call girls on display as one takes a leisurely stroll through the neon lit pathways of this charming if hedonistic Swiss locale.

Prostitution is legal in Switzerland and many of the call girls on display are from as close by as neighbouring eastern Europe or as far away as North Africa.

“Creep lanes in shadow box alleys
Smoke and light besides
Shiny prostitutes hustle en masse
Neon lit storefronts open
Wide as gaping Venus fly trap vaginas

Eyes that scream a fierce crimson
Twixt painted Cleopatra lids galore
Hips that burn as bright as molten helium
In tight latex clinging to titillating surface

Better not lose your way
On Rue Sismondi”

(Image by Agneya Singh)

(Image credit: TIME)

(Prostitution museum in Geneva’s red light district. Image credit:

(Switzerland. Geneva. The Paquis neighborhood is known for its nightlife and Red-light district. Image credit: Didier Ruef).

(Since June 2004, there has been a large increase in the number of prostitutes in Switzerland. Image credit: