MUMBAI: As the world marches for action on climate change, a group of activists in Mumbai have decided to organise the most zero carbon impact march of them all -- by going digital!

On November 30th, world leaders meet in Paris to start negotiating the next global climate deal. That’s why lakhs of people around the world are participating in the Global Climate March to push leaders at every level of government to commit to 100% clean energy.

The Background

Climate change is a serious issue. However, due to its slow and boring onset, most people ignore it for the apocalyptic mess it is. We’re all complaining about the sudden heat, the erratic rainfall and the late winters, but no one seems to want to acknowledge the fact that it all comes down to one cause – Climate Change due to global warming.

The climate movement is not about organisations, corporations, or individuals. It is about everything that inhabits our planet Earth. It may seem cool to think about Mars or another galaxy as another planet to inhabit. However, that’s a long way off and, for all practical reasons, Earth is currently our only home. For this reason, movements need to take place, and the voices need to be heard. We need to tell our government that we do care. For only if we make our voice heard will they listen. And they should listen. After all, they are our elected government.

The Event

This year, we, the people of Mumbai, have decided to take to the digital streets to spread awareness. On 29th November, 2015, we are organising the first ever completely digital climate march, or as we like to call it – The Great Indian Online Climate Morcha (GIOC Morcha).

An hour-long video led event, the tone of the which is humorous, satirical, and entertaining. Although the current state of the climate is dire and crucial, we felt that the approach to it needs be light-hearted and colourful. Besides, in India, satire works as a better form of communicating our voices to the powers that be than any other genre. anyone can participate as long as they have internet connection. The event shall be streamed here.

Certain educational institutions, organisations, cafés and so on have agreed to double-up as Climate Action Pockets, where people can congregate and take part in the event together, bringing a social aspect to the digital event. Individuals are encouraged to organize their own Climate Action pockets as well. All you need is good internet and like minded people. Organize a climate action pocket, click pictures and videos and share them with us. Your action pocket will also be considered as part of The Great Indian Online Morcha, and your content will be included in our post event video!

The Digital Decision

Our reasons to go digital is multifaceted. First and foremost, getting permissions in Mumbai for public gatherings for such causes can be a bureaucratic and logistical nightmare, not to mention the cost of hosting such an event. Secondly, in an increasingly digital world, a digital march makes complete sense. Thirdly, a digital march has no by-product and therefore a Zero Carbon Footprint.

Besides, we truly are doubtful whether people will be taking to the streets for climate change. Environmentalist and “green citizens” have already tried that. Most people just don’t care and a significant number are, and we hope we don’t ruffle any feathers, lazy. Our solution is to give a slight nudge, perhaps grab a few eyeballs as we ask Mumbaikars, and Indians nationwide, to join us in a Climate March. From the comfort of their homes.

The Itinerary

The itinerary of the event shall contain skits performed by Internet personalities, bands, and comedians. Mumbai’s Colleges and schools can also submit their own content that shall be broadcast as part of the event. It shall also include slots for the event attendees, wherein they shall be asked to perform tasks, from taking pictures to creating conversations on certain topics.

What do we want

1. We urge the Government of India to push for a long term deal in Paris that lets our planet transition to 100% clean energy.

2. We must fund more projects involving renewable and sustainable energy, like Solar Energy

3. Provide companies that are environmentally-conscious and using sustainable forms of energy with higher subsidies - around 25% and above.

4. Impose heavy fines on companies, public or private, that use fossil fuels. These fines should be used to start building infrastructure to deal with rise in Ocean levels.

5. Restrict and prohibit building of infrastructure that adversely affects the climate in the short and long-term.

6. Increase number of CNG stations.

7. Stricter implementation of pre-existing environment-related laws and policies.

8. Provide sufficient access to water and food for farmers. Climate change affects crop/produce amount.

9. Anything else that you think requires attention. This world belongs to all of us. Your opinion counts.

The Support

We’re not the only ones who care about Climate Change. We have a long list of amazing partners:

Youtube sensation, Being Indian is our Digital Partner, they are also submitting content for The Great Indian Online Morcha. The Viral Fever is our Social Media Partner. is our outreach partner. our Press Partners. Teach For India, the nationwide educational movement is the event’s Knowledge Partner.

The Hive, Bandra is Community partner and a Climate Action pocket for the event. The Hive is focused on supporting and furthering the arts and technology, it’s a perfect place for The Digital Climate March. Cafe Zoe, Lower Parel and The Little Door, Andheri are also Climate Action Pockets.

St. Xaviers College, is also organizing a Climate Action Pocket.

We’re looking to make this big, and we need each and every one of you, from every part of the world, to help make that happen. Here’s to saving the only home the world knows – Earth.

Sign Up

Be sure to sign up for the event here.