Did you know that the word ‘Sikh’ has its origin in the Sanskrit word ‘Shishya’, one who is the disciple of God! Or that the turban,dastaar as it is called, worn by Sikh men and women depicts the equality between both the sexes, that women are treated equally in every aspect in Sikhism!

‘The Indian Sikh’ by Being Indian, is a perspective on Sikhs. The video addresses certain misconceptions, as Sikhs from various sections of society speak about what Sikhism actually means, what it is to be a Sikh in India as well as share insights on their faith. What is the true meaning of Langar, why Sikhs look and dress up a certain way, what is the importance of 5 K’s in Sikhism, ‘The Indian Sikh’ addresses all these. We discover through this video the core concept of seva and giving back to the society which is intrinsic to Sikhs and this unique clan's sheer belief that they are saviors and would stand up for justice whenever possible.