NEW DELHI: India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s legacy is under threat, with the current government moving to rename the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, Nehru's name from new initiatives under the Fulbright scholarship, remaining mum on Nehru’s contribution during the India-Africa summit, amongst other instances. Although there is truth in the fact that the independence movement was not about one man -- be it Nehru, or Mahatma Gandhi, or the BJP’s favourite, Subhas Chandra Bose -- Nehru’s contribution to this country cannot and should not be forgotten.

Granted, mistakes were made, even by Nehru, but his vision, commitment to plurality, democracy, equality, progress and modernity … all of which constitute the foundations of this great country, make Nehru the architect of independent India.

In addition to political wisdom, Nehru had some wise words for all of us -- be it our friendships, passions, aspirations, or general life lessons.

1. On life

2. On peace

3. On peace, again

4. On balance

5. On failure

5. On success

6. On fear

7. On freedom

8. On change

10. On action

11. On religion

12. On religion, again

13. On action (again)

14. On living life

15. On living life (again)

16. On being Indian

17. And a message to those trying to erase Nehru’s contribution