The recent attacks on the defenseless journalists and professors at Patiala Court or the arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar, the JNUSU President on charges of criminal conspiracy and sedition, are justified. We live in a democracy, which is the dictatorship of the majority and the Hindutva politics defines our ‘India of India’ which cannot be debated. Arguments, dialectics, informed discussions or Right to Dissent does not figure out in our vocabulary or verbatim because Freedom of Speech and Expression, if endowed in a country like India, can have jeopardizing results, especially because our India of India is so fragile and yes, petty student politics can be an insult to our Mother India.

Yes, when Arnab Goswami at his atrocious decibel levels, shouts and rebukes the student leaders from JNU and calls them more dangerous than ‘Maoists and terrorists’, we stand with him. After all, we do not want to get into the discourse of what Maoism is or what fuels terrorism, just because we are so nationalistic in our approach that the JNU row for us, stands nowhere when compared to the death of Hanumanthappa, who currently is our idol. Yes, even a fake tweet from Hafeez Sayeed supporting JNU students can get our blood boiling.

Our private educational institutions where you get admissions by paying lakhs are better than these central universities with tuition fees of less than Rs 250 because at least, the previous ones don’t have ideologies or verbatim. They never oppose or mark an advent into limelight because of Kashmir issue or Afzal Guru for that matter. That is what we call discipline and education, along with reasoning. Not this hullabaloo and heebie-jeebies created by this so-called ‘left student political parties’. Anyway, what are they? Their parent parties, be it CPI or CPM hardly has a national or state-wise leverage. Wasn’t the collapse of USSR a lesson for them?

And let’s talk about JNU particularly. After all they have history to defend as their Godfathers like Jyoti Basu they defended colonial rule of India by British as they were allied with Stalin's Soviet (to them communist Soviets were dearer even if it meant being traitor to India) then again with China when they attacked India in 1962, they sided with Naxals in 1970's till they started killing them as well etc. So one cannot expect anything from those brainwashed in such twisted ideology, They hate this nation so much that Arundhati Roy and supporters in JNU backing Jihadi Hurriyat, LeT, Hafiz Saeed or even ISIL should not come as surprise. They have sharp intellect, visceral hatred of India and especially Hindus that makes them ideal bedfellow of Jihadists.

Nobody says 100% of students there are bad. And they are not. But certified anti nationalist and potential morons do form a significant, if not a majority, percentage. 10 percent of radicals can easily dictate the narrative and hence must be stopped. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean you get to talk against the country, support Pakistan and terrorists who attacked India. Right to dissent doesn’t mean you get to dissent against the country and when get caught, cry fascism. I am curious to know where the supporters of JNU and their ilk get this kind of mentality from?

The government must shut down JNU, the den of not only students but also anti national elements who raised anti-India slogans and praised terrorists convicted and sentenced by Supreme Court.

No more subsidies to the anti nationals: JNU room rent Rs. 11 per month, Annual fee Rs. 219 per year in two installments, Mess bills subsidized - Enough of feeding on my money.

And if a stupid JNU “scholar” wants to give us a lecture on India’s tolerance, democracy and inclusion. Well, it is the usual foreign sponsored Liberal-Secular S**t. They should probably see a psychiatrist or a shrink, because he/she might be a terrorist in the making.

Our government is our God. And we can’t hear a word of debate. All hail the BJP!



(The writer is a doctoral student at JNU, New Delhi.)