NEW DELHI: Ache din aane wale hai? Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas? These are the slogans that were used to lure most of the country by PM Narendra Modi into getting a decisive mandate for the BJP in 2014, but are we getting what we were promised? Infact, we are getting quite the opposite. The BJP seems to be crash landing ever since they were sworn in. Every step the “RSS-led BJP” takes is turning out to be highly regressive.

It all started with elements like Yogi Adityanath and the polarization attempt that boomeranged back like never before. Terms like “Ghar Wapsi” “Love Jihad” which were clearly strategized to divide the society on the basis of religion. The beef killings made headlines across the globe and shamed us internationally. The BJP and RSS combined seem to be on a mission to destroy the basic fabric of our democracy: Unity in Diversity. These have become terms just to be read in old history textbooks.

More recently, a student named “Rohit Vermula” committed suicide because his university harassed him in connection with his identity as a “Dalit”. Thousands of students protested with the help of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, who with his new energy and vigor is, infact, becoming the voice of the youth, more so thanks to the utter ignorance, intolerance and backward school of thought the RSS and BJP are trying to force upon us.

The flames of the fire from Hyderabad had not subsided when BJP once again targeted the students -- this time at JNU where a group of unidentified people were allegedly chanting “Anti India Slogans.” Whilst no one condones the anti India sentiment, the BJP again chose to play down the basic principles of democracy and with the help of some highly biased and senseless news channels, arrested the JNU president on charges of sedition. Proof now has surfaced that the video showing JNU president Kanhaiya Kumar shouting alleged “anti national” slogans, was infact doctored, as bits and pieces of different videos were combined to somehow prove that “Anti nationalism” was being encouraged.

This was followed by a brutal attack on the media by the RSS sponsored lawyer goons in the Patiala House court in Delhi. The manner in which the Delhi Police led by the incompetent outgoing Police Commissioner B.S Bassi, colluded with the Centre to look away, was not only embarrassing but shameful, disturbing and a blot on the country.

In other news, the Prime Minister seems to have taken up the permanent role of the Minister of External Affairs with Sushma Swaraj a mere spectator/travel organizer. The incessant obsession to please other countries is not reaping a larger reward. In the quest to please the United States and Europe, India is losing its independent edge that was created by the previous government.

In regards to our neighbours, China’s growing proximity to Pakistan is becoming more dangerous everyday. This became more evident when their infrastructure deal overseas -- the China Pakistan Economic Corridor -- was signed. This completely goes against India, it also reverses all efforts by the Modi government to raise the troubling problem of Gilgit Baltistan as part of POK(Pakistan Occupied Kashmir). The lack of action calls for much worry.

As far as Pakistan is concerned, the abject failure of foreign policy is evident where our PM surprises his pal Nawaz Sharif on his birthday and Pakistan reciprocates with the Pathankot Attack .The BJP promised magic viz. a viz. Pakistan before the 2014 general election; the inexperienced government is now realizing that dealing with the stubborn neighbor controlled by the ISI is no walk in the park, especially with the U.S playing safe as always.

In short, in a span of less than 2 years, the BJP has got the youth, the media, the entire opposition and the minorities against them. Whilst Modi still remains the most popular amongst the educated class, the Congress Party is gaining momentum every day with a recent poll conducted by “India Today” showing Rahul Gandhi gaining almost 14% popularity amongst the voter.

Some ministers such as Nitin Gadkari-Minister for Road Transport and Highways and Shipping - are performing well. It is believed that the construction of roads has risen from a meager 3km/day to 18km/day. Also the Startup India initiative boosts the young entrepreneurs with benefits such as slashing income tax upto 3 years for startups amongst other good initiatives, though there is a lot left to be desired in comparison to the “Magic” Narendra Modi had promised.

The budget presented by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has views from across the spectrum. It is a budget that is aimed to benefit the common man, considering the upcoming elections in various states, The top 1% rich have been taxed though. There is no major criticism to be made about it.

In the broader view, If the current Government does not mend its ways, then Captain Modi might be leading flight 282 to a crash landing and all that will be left is a black box and it will surely reveal everything.

(Shivam Bhagat is a a graduate from Lancaster University, England. Currently works with Delhi Congress. Views expressed are personal.)