While India’s film and television industries still cater to conservative tastes and censorship, the country’s online creators are free to change the game how so ever they please. Growing urbanization in India is reflected in an increased volume of internet traffic, with YouTube opening new vistas for amateur, and even professional, cinematographers.

YouTube does away with the power of the Censor Board, reduces the cost of production enormously, and at the same time ensures an immediate and direct feedback from the people. It is, in fact, turning into an industry itself.

Satya Raghavan, Head of Entertainment Content at YouTube India, said, "India has undergone a content creator revolution. Over the last few years, Indian YouTube creators have gained millions of subscribers and have taken over the imagination of the youth in India. In our view 2015 was a breakout year for the young industry and the ecosystem has really evolved in India, with mobile driving massive growth for online video consumption. Now, we're seeing online creators break open the gates for a whole new kind of entertainment for Indians online, with advertisers looking to tap into this space in a meaningful way."

YouTube’s growth in India has been massive. While the overall viewers in India has grown by 80% year-over-year, 55% of that watch time was mobile. The number of hours of video content uploaded from India has also increased dramatically, especially by independent filmmakers and others. For instance, watch time for musicians and comedy is rising on a daily basis. The South of India has registered major strides in watchtime, with Tamil and Telegu content seeing a 75% spike in growth.

As a result, some of the most progressive watchable stories, channels are free, stackable and available to every and anyone with an internet connection. The web shows now explore the topics as varied as cohabitation (Permanent Roommates, Love Bytes), gay rights(all about section 377), Mumbai’s burgeons Hip hop culture(Hip Hop Homeland), story of start-ups (TVF Pitchers), living alone (Girl in the City), indie music(Standing By), inter caste love stories (Chinese Bhasad). Some of these shows are really light , comical and entertaining which gives audience content which is actually relatable. It gives freedom from the boundaries of censor board and liberty of posting and sharing content.

Pitchers is at rank # 25 in the TOP 250 TV shows in imdB 2016 ‘ Permanent Roommates is at t #169 ie a production of TVF.

Internet is giving an opportunity denied to young producers, artists, filmmakers by conservative industry. They are using this to break out of cliched, stereotypical mould that often appears outdated in comparison. Music and comedy is also breaking old barriers with channels such as TVF: the viral fever, EIC: East India Comedy, SNG: Schitzengiggles, AIB: All India Bakchod treading a new and exciting path.

Speaking with The Citizen, Karan Talwar also famous for his YouTube Bollywoodgandu and a part of SNG Comedy said,” Years down the road YouTube or internet in general is going to be the next mainstream media, because people don’t have time to watch it things at a specific time, people are busy and want mobile entertainment.”

They sure do, and they are showing it.