A bus stop and a pretty you. You were waiting for a bus. Unaware of the surrounding, you stood, chatting with your friends on your phone to pass your time. Suddenly, you felt something, something very uneasy! You turned around and saw something disturbing....

A boy in his teenage years was staring at your curves. But that was not disturbing! People around were pretty much familiar with what was happening but no one stood up for you. You tried to calm yourself but you couldn't.

The very next moment, you slapped him. His mother fought back, defending him and blaming your short dress. It was your dress that was compelling him to stare. Thus, it was your fault.

~Dear women, It's your fault~

You were in your teenage years. You were an adolescent, growing into a beautiful woman. You loved to smile. You loved to wear new trendy clothes. You wanted to look good. That's not a fault, right? No! Not at all.

One day, an uncle visited. He was very close to you in your childhood. You loved him. But soon his touch was no longer comfortable. His hands started groping.

You told your mother but she advised you to stop making up stories. You didn't have the guts to talk to your father about his characterless brother. You kept quiet. The pain remained in your heart and so was the silence.

It was your fault that you were beautiful and not his!

~Dear women, It's your fault~

You liked merriment. You liked to party. You were one of those who believed to live in the present. You went to a party. You got drunk and so were the others. Everyone was dancing, moving their feet with the beats.

After some time, you found a few boys trying to touch you. Firstly, you ignored them, thinking that it was accidental. But later, it was becoming more frequent and demanding. They pulled you out of the party. No one else was bothered about you. They took you to their car..

Throwing you inside, they raped you one after the other. You kept on screaming for help but no one came.

Next day, it was breaking news. Debates took place about you. You were famous within a night. In such debates, many questioned your character and said it was not rape and that you agreed to to it all because you were drunk.

The attackers won the case. You were tagged as a ‘S***’ by some, as a ‘W****’ by the others. You died.

It was your fault that you were drunk. Being a girl, you have no freedom to drink even if the law allows you to. If you are drunk, it is not rape. It is sex.

~Dear women, It's your fault~

You fell in love with a boy. He meant everything to you. You gave him everything you had. Everything was going smoothly. You never questioned his deeds. You trusted him.

One day, you saw him with another girl in a pub. They were smooching. Your heart was being dissected into a million pieces. Emotions took over you.You slapped him and went out.

Later that night, an ambulance was taking you to the hospital. Your entire body was burning. Your skin was melting. It was an acid attack!

It was your fault that you couldn't control your emotions in the pub. It was your fault that you trusted him!

~Dear women, It's your fault~

You were married to a man. You didn't love him. It was an arranged marriage. Every night he came home late, totally wasted.

The next thing was all the beating! You had blood marks all over your body. Sometimes he had his way with you you even when you did not consent. Something within you died with all of this.

When you complained to the police, they told you " Pati nahi karega toh kya humse karwaogi? r**d*"

It was your fault that you filed a complaint. Being a woman, you must have sex with your husband no matter what. If you don't, he can burn and beat you and that will be your fault!

~Dear women, It's your fault~

You were married to a wealthy man. You both loved each other. You got pregnant. The whole family was expecting a boy but....

A girl was born. His family cursed you. You were responsible for giving birth to a girl.You never got the same respect again.

It was your fault that a girl was born. It was your fault that you were born as a girl.

~Dear women, I am sorry on behalf of my society. It's not your fault. It is our fault that we blame you. It is our fault that we don't respect the womb we come from and it is only our fault that we forget what women mean to us and the earth.~

~Signing off