NEW DELHI: An Instagram handle “Rich Kids Of Tehran” that is modeled on the popular “Rich Kids Of Instagram” page shows a very different side to life in the Islamic Republic. The posts show Iran’s young elite in front of private jets, driving luxury cars, donning expensive handbags and wristwatches, and generally hanging by their private pools.

The page reiterates a well suspected reality: That the global “rich” lead very similar lifestyles be it in Manhattan, London, Beijing, New Delhi or Tehran. The “Rich Kids of Tehran” page however, has drawn considerable attention as it was created on the heels of a government crackdown on social media activities. For instance, last month, seven young Iranians received suspended jail sentences and 91 lashes for dancing to Pharrell’s “Happy” and posting the video online.

The images below demonstrate what life is like for a very tiny minority of Iran’s youth.

As the page garnered publicity, and correspondingly, criticism, it spawned counter social media accounts, including one titled “Poor Kids of Tehran.” Although the page has about a thousand followers compared to the 63,000 followers of “Rich Kids of Tehran,” it represents the reality of a vast majority of people in Tehran.

The person, or people, behind the “Rich Kids of Tehran” page however asked its critics to lighten up.