Oh Lord, Your Child needs now an heir,
Just one bright star to guide us where
Wise men gather, not mere fools
Content just being the Devil's tools.

You'd sent Him once this world to mould
Thru' words of love and tales He told.
I had no chance His hem to hold,
No time to watch that dream unfold.

For I was born a shade too late
Not to His world but one of hate.
Where man with man with violence deals
The poor one starves, the rich one steals.

Truth is crushed and lies are told
The honest cower,the corrupt are bold.
Where ideas born of shameful birth
Make deadly mayhem a cause for mirth.

Where teachers teach the tomes of hate
And men decide each others Fate.
Where rapes become a daily game
Played by men in your name.

Where wounded streets scream in vain
For a healing touch to dull the pain.
Of man's assaults In the name of God-
Where children play with gun and sword.

Where crystal skies are staunched in grey
From funeral pyres and life's decay.
Where Earth bereft of flowering seeds
Just holds the graves of man's misdeeds.

Where widows wail in stark lament,
Their men are dead their lives are spent.
The mother seeks a long lost child
Amidst a ruined world turned wild.

Tormented, lost, her anguished eyes
Gaze in horror as reason dies.
Its place usurped by Hatred's flame
Lit by men who chant your name.

Scarred by horrors they see and feel
Those broken souls before you kneel.
The bloody earth with tears they mark
They seek the light caught in the dark.

Tattered shrouds a silent quest
They call to you for final rest.
Oh Lord let them His face behold
Lend them now His hand to hold.

(Cover Photograph: Allegorical painting ‘The End of the World’ by artist Jose Gutierrez Solana)